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The Global Black Enterprise 100 is here. I have conceptualized a list of what I would like to become the Global Black Enterprise 100 of companies that have the interests of blacks all over the globe. These corporations operate all around the globe and will consist of companies such as McDonald’s, Cocoa Cola, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Ford and General Electric. We in the United States look up to these corporations because they employ a lot of black people. These are global corporations that operate all around the world, but do they treat all black consumers around the world as they do in the United States.
I plan to look at how they operate around the globe and the benefits derived from their operations when it comes to black consumers. We all know they are good corporate citizens when they operate in the United States, but in less developed country they cut corners because local governments with corrupt officials allow them to get away with things they would not get away with in developed countries.
I will be looking at such data as how many blacks around on their board to look for the interest of blacks and how they operate in other parts of the world. I will track their progress in reference to the benefits derived as consumers of the products produce by the company. Even though we might not own the means of production, I think we can derive benefits from these corporation through employment by them, becoming a part of  their supply chain, spending in our communities through philantropic efforts,  and in the case of franchises, gain some of the profits by becoming a franchiser.  This list will keep them all honest, because people in many countries have choices of the companies they buy product from and become as satisfied consumer.


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