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Black Benefit Index

We must seek benefits beyond product satisfaction

As consumers there has to be benefits beyond product satisfaction, because like other races we need jobs, quality of products and someone to look out for our interests. As black consumers we were always perceived as people anyone could sell anything to, at any price. Although this is a stereotype, there are certain truth to this. Now, as in the past other races have come into our neighborhoods, open businesses and at the end of the day, and them getting rich, leave our communities richer than they came. This makes room for the race to exploit our communities. Internationally this is also true. Resource rich African countries were exploited by the European in the past, and now they are replaced by the Chinese who needs resources to expand their own economies. What they leave behind are infrastructures that will deteriorate over time. The corrupt leaders of these countries allow this to happen. Although there are patches of success, the continent is still struggling with famine and wars.
We must claim our benefits here in the United States and worldwide. We must not only be concern about product satisfaction and price. Even thought we do not own the means of production we need to be concern about building for the future through getting our fair share of jobs, making sure the products we consume are healthy and safe, and we are among those make the final decisions. My idea is to create a black benefits index that include jobs, health and safety, corporate representation, quality of product, community involvement (philanthropy), public relations and price. The Black Benefit Index will compare companies we spend money on each day see which one are the ones that work in our interest. Perceptually we think McDonald’s is good and Toyota is bad. We will in the end come up with the Global Black Enterprise Index 100, which are the 100 companies that exist to serve our best interests and offer the best benefits by providing us with jobs, producing healthy products and puts money into our communities to improve them.


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