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Black Consumerism

 Blacks as consumers contribute almost one Trillion dollars to the United States economy, but all most of us get is the satisfaction that comes from the purchases. We purchase billions upon billions of necessary items from large faceless corporations, but we also buy from local businesses products and services such as barber shops and  nail salons. At the end of the day they leave our communities richer than they came, only to be replaced by the next ethic group.
As in politics, we are taken for granted as consumers. We are perceived as easy prey who does not complaint even when we a served low quality goods and services. Some of us feel powerless as consumer because of socio-economic situation.  Whether we have jobs or get public assistance, we are all consumers and should be taken seriously. As consumers, we need to get benefits beyond product or service satisfaction. Businesses spend billions each year to keep their customers happy and we need to get the benefits proportional to the black population. Black Benefit Index is a measure of corporate relationship with their customers. Our measurements are based on jobs, community philanthropy, corporate representation, public relations, quality of product and price.  Black Benefit Index is intended to change corporate behavior by shining a light on their activities in the black community. As consumers we need to stand up and be counted, because one thing is certain in the United States is there are choices. Most goods and services in the same price ranges are similar in quality. For example, if Toyota does not treat us with respect, we can jump in a Ford or Honda. If McDonald’s do the same, we can go to Burger King or KFC.
Black Benefit Index will be based on a ratio  benefit to the population divided by the population percentage times 100. This will give a score revolving around 100. Companies with scores above 100 give back to the community is beneficial to the community for their purchases, and those below 100 does not give us back enough benefit relative to our purchases. Perception it is said is everything, and the Black Benefit Index will put a number on this perception. We will prove if McDonald is good for the community, or Toyota does not care about the black community. The black community has propelled some companies from obscurity to prominence, such Metro PCS, Hyundai, KIA, Tommy Hilfiger.


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